At Any Moment Now

I’ll write about the color white

just take a look and see the sky

sometimes it’s blue

sometimes is black

just like the ocean

when a ship is wrecked

and its petroleum is spilled

just like I was



but I’ll still write about the color white

just take a look at my blouse

It was red

more like a pink

but after washing it with bleach,

it turned…




Where is that I was?



somewhere in the laundry room

near detergents

that smell too good



But it doesn’t matter now…




I’ll still write about the color white

Written by:L.L.


That’s the Truth

The truth is…
a key on my keyboard

not functioning correctly,
(the space key is.)

I tried to use it

but as many times as I did

only sometimes did it work
most of the times

the space key 

didn’t give me any space
it piled up all the words in a line
unable for people

to understand
That’s the truth.

Written by: L.L.

Like a Seed of Love

The time has come to leave my home,

and be just like a seed of love

that has been gathered by a dove

to then be dropped on scorching fields of lust,

but oh the flames that burn these fields,

they are too intense! They are too hot!

They spread too quickly throughout the crops

that now this seed can’t seem to grow.

Where is the rain? Where are the clouds?

How is this seed supposed to thrive?
Can any soul speak to me?

I need an answer, please.

Or must this seed may need to dig too deep;

beneath the ground from which it stands

so with its roots

this seed

can find

some water

to put

this fire

that burns

its core

Written by: L.L.

Garden in The Shade



Our love were weeds just growing strong with time
in fields that people often dare not walked.
Therefore, we lasted long, our love survived,
in fields that people then began to watch.

Our love then grew with winds that changed our life,
as squalls began to break our stems in halves.
Therefore, we lasted short, our love then died
when roots became uprooted off the ground
in fields that people had begin to walk.

It’s just that if your love are like some weeds,
then love must be a garden in the shade,
away from people who can pull the roots of love
so that these weeds can gayly live and grow
even if some winds come and break their stems.

Written by: L.L.



My Necessity


You were fire? No, you were water.
And in you, I dove.
And in you, I swam.
And from you, I drank…
till I drown?

But you weren’t just water. Were you?
You were fire.
And in you, I walked.
And in you, I ran.
And from you, I burned…
till I died?

But you weren’t just that…were you?

You were the fire and the water.
You were both, simultaneously.
You quenched my thirst for love.
You extinguished the flames of fear
that devoured me each day
with your water of love.
And when the water rose,
and too much love was drowning me,
you evaporated the waters,
with your fire of trust
till I could have
my own space to breathe…

But you weren’t just that… Were you?

You were also the air.
The one I breathed in.
The one I breathed out
every day?

You were also the earth.
The one that I walked on.
The one who supported my weight?

You were the four elements in one.

Written by: L.L.






Poet And Writer

A writer
pens a book
with his thoughts

and poets
pen a book
with feelings

but poets
are writers
penning books

and writers
are poets
penning books

so writers
plus poets
pen feelings

and poets
and writers
pen their thoughts

so poets
and writers
are the same?

or writers
and poets
just differ?

Written by L.L.


Sept 4, 2016 – Untitled

The sun does shine when there are no clouds in sight
Yet whose to say that the sun does not shine as bright
when there are so many clouds covering the sky?

No doubt, our eyes are blind….
But what about our minds?

Can our minds not see that no matter what
the sun remains the center of our solar system?

Oh God…

Written by L.L.