You were fire? No, you were water.
And in you, I dove.
And in you, I swam.
And from you, I drank…
till I drown?

But you weren’t just water. Were you?
You were fire.
And in you, I walked.
And in you, I ran.
And from you, I burned…
till I died?

But you weren’t just that…were you?

You were the fire and the water.
You were both, simultaneously.
You quenched my thirst for love.
You extinguished the flames of fear
that devoured me each day
with your water of love.
And when the water rose,
and too much love was drowning me,
you evaporated the waters,
with your fire of trust
till I could have
my own space to breathe…

But you weren’t just that… Were you?

You were also the air.
The one I breathed in.
The one I breathed out
every day?

You were also the earth.
The one that I walked on.
The one who supported my weight?

You were the four elements in one.

Written by: L.L.







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