Oh mother gracious!
What is this?


I once had bliss!
But now?


Ah, spit. Spit!


You were like a dish set up on a table.
One that wasn’t meant to be taste by me!

But oh dear goodness gracious!

Please. Spit. Spit!


For years,
I hungered for a little bite of you.
I indulged, and now,
just look at me!

I am round like a circle
circling the table


I want to finish you till the last bite.
But I also want for you to last forever more!

I want to be filled by you everyday,
But I don’t want to ever feel completely full!


It’s just that you are like this!
Some dish!
And now, all I want to do is

Spit. Spit!

Oh Nay!

I just want to eat…

Written by: L.L.
August 29, 2016


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