All these years, I hid between hays
like a needle awaiting to be found
in piles of withered yellow grass…

It was the sun, wasn’t it?

I was in darkness all this time
but then a wind came,
and with a breeze it blew my mind!

The hays on top of me swayed…
They flew like birds onto the sky!
pirouetting in excitement
as the wind
moved them to other lands

And there,
as I watched, you came.
You threw your body onto the piles of hays
as if diving in an ocean full of love
in search of your beloved,
giving desperate strokes, one after the other,
But, with no, luck…

Then, there was the sun,
That with its rays!
(reflected upon me!) pointed, to you!
the way…

Wasn’t it?

Written by: L.L.

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