Oh flower in us your scent, sweet love.
Let our roots enroot, deep into your soul.
Let from you, stem from us a rose.
One that blossoms in gardens of innocence
and flourishes with full omnipotence.

Oh Sweet love!
You that are like God, pure in heart and spirit.
You that have no limit.
Let us be the seeds that grow from you
to spread among the driest of the lands
and make them ever green, rich with vines

Oh Sweet Love!
What is it that you are?
Let yourself be our gardener.
The one that fertilizes us
throughout our living years.

Oh Sweet Love!
Come water our hearts with tenderness.
Come trim our negativity with kindness.
Come expose us to the sunshine rays,
to the light of wisdom, throughout our living days.

Oh Sweet Love!
You that are unseen and often misunderstood.
You that receive no credit when you should
Let us be the seeds that are planted by you
within this world that’s becoming way too dried,
I mean, way too screwed.

Please, come and be


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