When the nights do come and when the days do too,
When I might be asleep or I might be awake,
When I just seem to think about everything but you
I think of you my Lord

When I walk beneath the moon or the sun
When I swim inside a pool of blissful or horrific thoughts
When I see children having no fun or too much fun
while their laughter or cries splash me with happy or sad afterthoughts
I think of you my Lord

When I read about astronauts or scientific breakthroughs
When I see people help each other achieve triumphs
When I go to Church and pray for peace
When I eat even when I don’t give grace
I think of you my Lord
In every bite
In every mouthful
right until the food has been digested
and even after . . .

And when I read Facebook or when I read the news
and see that people are getting shots
but not the ones that treat the flues
instead, those that kill those who disagree with certain views
I still think of you my Lord.

And when people pull out their guns
even in front of their sons
instead of a vaccine to cure out the world
I still think of you my Lord.


Because you give me strength
You give me a reason to live
You continue feeding my faith.
You are what makes sense.
Your love is so immense
that you do not take offense
if I ever doubt that you exist
instead, you continue to insist
until your essence in me persist.

And my Lord,

I still think of you,


July 15, 2016


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