in a place redder
than this, miles radiating,
a red sun, red as meat.

I will hide
in the crevices of your hands,
as you dig
from brittle lands, fields of corn.

These soils bear the texture
of your skin, the height of your body,
where you hesitated,
I laid a touch.

“But do you mind if years from now,”
my bones become dust and I-
make love to you?

Today, I am stiff relax
in front of charnel gates
that are as brown as your eyes.
They see through my intentions.
The sun heating up,
makes me feel different

each 3 pm I am left
trying to capture your attention
as it I was the holy spirit,
but I can only hope
your body will feel
my presence when I’m gone.

Written by: L.L.
January 20, 2014





Write a poem inspired by this poem:

Someday I Will Live

In a place greyer
than this, miles stretching,
veil of grey snow, grey as bones.

You will carve
your name into stone
with the arrowhead
of your childhood.

These mountains bear the slope
of your shoulders, curve of your neck.
Where you hesitated,
I buried secrets.

But do you mind if years from now
my skin still holds your fingerprints
and always loves you?

Tonight, I am awkward
in front of store windows
that are as dark as mouths.
They swallow my intentions.
The snow falling,
makes me something different

each 6 am I am left
trying to make loneliness
some holy thing, but can only
hope your body is never
just a photograph.

written by: Kimberly Brown

My inspiration was the structure of the poem.


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