Retrieve the metal,
the canine barks loud;
with crown in gums,
an office chews
patient at the door-
like meat in fork
mouth swallows
the day in gulps.


Bark like a seal coughing nonsense, sea
seaweed caught in turbine, Jesus! See the tree
the palm, the hand, the tea
Stir! stir! stir the vessel into thee.
Polka dotted skirts – the wind, the wind.
the ladies walk in heels.
news papers in the deck, I see
I see

the sun setting in between
sandals exiting a beach, seagulls flying to the east
Fear splashing into tears
the night cruising waves to an aquatic drink
chaos bubbling in a ring,
in a brink of a cliff
I see


have you ever seen the nothing?
that emptiness that fills the air
the oxygen we breath
the vastness of the universe
like your eyes

Have you ever seen anything?
the nothing in a coffin
the carcasses of dead man
those corpses that sleep day and night
like your eyes

Have you ever seen the nonsense?
the kind of words that coil like snakes
to then bite
the ones that spring from within the ground
to confuse our senses
and then attack
like your eyes


STOP, Speak with headphones in your ears,
manic, decrepit weasel, spit the metallic donut!
no, swallow it down to your stomach, cut your guts.
Go open down the track to trains. Don’t you miss
butterflies? See them, vomit all the garbage
into the sewer, run run run runrunrunrurn

No, don’t hit me, I tripped –
open your fist, seeeeeeee see the sun
it’s summer, petals bloom , petals bloom!

I don’t want to see another day, the window
is blurry, I want my mommmmmyyyy
Outside looks dark. the trash-can showers the kitchen floors
with soda and blood. Ahhhh don’t see meeeeeee!
it’s disturbing. My image creeps like nights
in winter. It cuts between cheeks and nose.
Skin peels apart, lips become brittle
ahhhhhhh, put it away-
the hair spray burns my eyes. It’s the mirror:
a pool in the garden like your teeth chewing
the moon with popcorn in your tongue.

Don’t walk away. Don’t you dare walk away!

It’s autumnic in between the fall, hiroshima
went booomm with a bomb
and me goes boooooooom with a song,
and cha cha chaaaa chattttttttttttttttt…
I tell you to chattttttttttttttttt, cha cha cha
with left and right, it goes cha cha cha
one to three, one two threeeeeeeee
no, no , no spittttttttttttttt speeeeeeeeeeeed it up.
like grab my waist and go one cha cha
two cha chat chat with your lips
like typing in keyboard with fingers sliding
in my spine, touch the keys and make me dance.
let’s do the acrobatic maniatic decrepit torturing
ephemeral whatever something was
that I was telling you to do…

just goooooooo
goooo dollls, don’ ttttttt open
your fishhhhhhhtttttttttttt to my cheek,
You weasel in the sea
swim towards the shore, and open the tracks
for the trains to sprint like the runners in
the olympics

Or else, you’ll be late!


An office chews
patient at the door;
the canine barks loud
retrieve the metal!
mouths swallows
the day in gulps

Written by: L.L.

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