With lips that kiss my lips till I’m left with
With nothing but a crave to be just with
I guess… to be with you, my dear, can’t I?
I know you love me so, and so do I!
Then why must we give up on our love then?
Then why can’t we just fight for this love then?
Please tell me why oh why we can’t, dear, please?
Please tell me why our love can’t be, oh please!
You know that life can be unfair, don’t you?
You know THAT, and you are scared, aren’t you?
Though with love there’s not a thing to fear though
Though with love there’s nothing we can’t do though

So be with me, my dear, and love me so
So be with me, and let me love you so.
Written by: L.L.


After reading Hellon’s Shadow Sonnet, I had to give this form a try. It’s challenging.

April 18, 2016


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