Imagination, my dearest friend,

Ever since I met you when I was a child,
You came to me not knowing where you came from.

But now, I can clearly say:

You were a lost child,
wandering my mind,
searching for a place to live
And grow till old…

But more importantly, in me, you found a home.

My curiosity and my need to find peace
became the parents that have been raising you
You have been playing with my instinct
And my intuition, they became the siblings
that you enjoy to secretly tease
But that the older you grow
the closer to one another you become.

My imagination,
you are the one
that knows my history
and the one that helps me shape and discover my identity
You are who have explored my thoughts
And whom have gotten lost in me
it is you that know me better
than even my self does

And while we still don’t know where you came from
I just want to say that I’m glad I met you.

Written by: L.L.

February 2016


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