To be just me, that’s all I yearn to be.

But who is this me, whom I want to be?
This me I wish I’ll be,
it’s free,
it’s free,
just like the air I breathe!

Oh wait…

This air I breathe becomes a slave to me:

As I breath it in,
it becomes caged inside my lungs.
but then, I breathe it out,
And it becomes free,
to once again become a slave to me.

Let’s think:

Who exactly is that this me is?
I know for sure, that this me, it’s not free.
so I supposed, indeed,
that this me is like the air I breathe!

But why can’t the air be truly free?

I think it’s a survival thing….

My diaphragm wants me to live.
Thus, it contracts to slave the air inside my lungs.

But as my lungs began to expand,
the air fights… ( I can’t hold it all inside.
the air’s fight for freedom suffocates me).
And my diaphragm wants me to live,
so it starts to relax, and slowly,
let’s the air out.

That’s when the air becomes free!

That’s when my diaphragm feels the need to contract again,
so I may live.
That’s when this cycle of attaining freedom repeats.

Yet if you think it through, the air I breathed out,
it’s not the same air I breathed in.

Written L.L.

Note: This is an experiment


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