Walking on a sidewalk
while looking straight ahead
I see some people coming my way
but I also see them moving forward

I keep on walking on
Now it’s just me on the sidewalk
walking, while releasing a yawn,
when suddenly, smack.

A few drops hit the ground
a few inches from where my feet are.
I look to the sky. I turn around.
I look everywhere. I see some cars.

I look upwards again,
the sky is cloudy and dark,
but I see no rain drizzling down.
Now Confuse, but before continuing my walk,

I look up again
above from where my feet are,
just to see a bunch of pigeons on a wire line
releasing their shit.

And I just started to run.

Written by: L.L.

October 13, 2015
That’s how I started my morning, I was a foot away from being showered…

But I guess the good thing is that by luck or by a blessing, we can dodge the shit . . .

This is not exactly like what I’m used to writing but it’s always fun to write anything.


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