Sally-Sam ‘silently’ sings in her mind ‘aloud’
when her mama screams: “Sally-Sam!”
But Sally-Sam startled, wide-opens her eyes.

She asks: “Mama, did you read my mind?”

Sally-Sam is six, skinny, and sweet.
She swirls with her favorite flowery skirt, legs crossing in twirls,
with shoulders sassily scintillating a shrug.

her mama replies, “come here, silly girl!”

But Sally-Sam still in shock stays in her spot.
Unsound, still silently singing her song,
she asks again, “mama, can you read my mind?”

Her mama says, “Sally-Sam!”

And Sally-Sam giggling and with a big smile says,

“Mama! How do you know my song?”

haha! See how the sweet silly sagacious girl
enjoys messing up with her mom.

Written by: Lucero L.


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