I’ve written poems on a notepad not on a piece of paper.
I use a keyboard not a pencil.
I drink no alcohol to get high until I awaken my imagination
to the point ’til I almost experience hallucinations.
I simply write

as if by the sole act of writing
I was drinking
from a bottle filled with a wine-taste imagination,

as if by reminiscing on my bedroom,
I was sitting upon rocks near shores,
lost, like some castaway, who stares at the night-sky
in search for someone to come to the rescue.

And in my solitude,
I hold this bottle dear, close to my chest,
to the beating of my heart,
and with each stroke on the keyboard,
I savor my drink slowly.

I taste the memories
the sweetness, the bitterness
that life has given me,
I taste even what life has not given me,
but I savor each and every taste,
the joy, the pain,


to the last drop.



I savor it all,
until everything I have left is a poem
and an empty bottle
that I’ll leave stranded on a shore,
saved somewhere in the inter-world
to later on, as the water of time rises,
be carried away by the tides,
to float and float
in the waves of the internet.

And perhaps someday, arrive at the hands
of those who might read me.

Written by: L.L.


April 14, 2015
For Andrew Lawson contest : Prompt: A message in a bottle.



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