Because we fell in love like two whites doves
Just falling slowly and deeply in love
With our arms embracing each other with love
They saw us falling and came to prey and feed from us.

They thought our meat would make them taste the skies above
So when we finally set our feet and walked in this valley of love
They became a tiger to hunt us down until we were gone.

but how foolish of them to attacks us with their claws
when they already saw we fell in love like two white doves
we just spread our wings, and with the help of the wind,
we flew and left them fighting as if they were killing us.

Written by: L.L.

February, 2015


You are walking with your loved one in a very beautiful valley, you are both enjoying immensely, suddenly some (any number) assassins attack. And they have a reason. What do you do? Run? Fight? Why did they attacked you? Take this anywhere, make your self a spy or anything but it should relate with the prompt and is between 80 to 150 words. You title is: Can be anything related to the prompt, your choice.


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