You, my dear, are like a candle.
On and on, just burning, melting;
Usually, quietly.

At night, I can see you brightly,
Right there, flickering, dancing,
Entertainingly, un-harmful.

Always lively. Fully charming.

Lightening the room entirely.
Instigating me to watch you.
All in all, just luring me to you,
Right towards your ardent spirit.

Beckoning me towards your fire.
Unaware, I follow you,
Tempted, wheedled by your heat,

I come closer, blazing in desire,

Lost, just looking at your eyes,
Over, and yes, over again, I,
Venture to your touch
Eager for a shelter.

Yearning for your warmth,
On and on, just loving

Written by : L.L.

February 15, 2015
Form – Acrostic
Practice exercise.



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