As dark as the mole in your chin,
as white as it is your sin,
I hid to find in your skin,
the cancerous blemishes to be
but an imperfection
not of the soul
but of the flesh and meat
that corrodes your hopes.

It is in your blood:
the stream of faith;
the passion that fluctuates
with every heartbeat
via your veins; and the life
exuding from your eyes,
like a river – calm,
passing through your hands
as if submerging
your fingertips
in the currents of each passing day
would make the flow of regrets
cascade your senses
into a waterfall
that cleans your water of pain
for not being able to live
again a life with dignity.

So let it flow,
let it flow,

let your blood, not be a pond.
Let it flow,
let it flow,
Let your blood stream the faith;
the faith
through an innocent that runs
and laughs
and makes the world worth while.
Let it flow
Let it flow
To clean the waters in the pond.
Let it flow
let it flow
To oxygenate your mind.
Let it flow
Let it flow
Let the blood of a clean soul
to flow freely
from any anguish
from any pain
from any damage
from any thing that could
corrode the soul.

Let the blood flow…

let it flow…

calmly, and freely

Let it flow…

But not out of your body.


Written by: L.L.

March , 2014


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