In my town – not a city like Rio Verde,
The Circus arrived with January’s festival.
Acres of desolated fields were inundated with fragrances-
Popcorn and Churritos; Tortas and taquitos.
That mixture of scents made the event extra special.

Grownups made lines at the Ticket Office,
Children leapfrogged to multitude of fences
while I held my mom’s hand. It felt ethical.

Parents caught up with their children.
Tickets and tickets were counted. Lines and lines
were diminished. I was skeptical.
But when I walked into a huge tent, it was celestial.
Animals wore clothes, they performed.
Monkey’s drove mini-cars. Clowns laughed out loud.
Everything was conventional.

Elephants walked in circles. Lions were tamed.
Bears were She’s wearing dresses, carrying babies
on their paws. It was exceptional
until it became delusional. Bearded women
were boneless. They bended backwards.
They split legs on floors, on opened air.
As per my father, they were contortionist.
To me, the atmosphere seemed extraterrestrial.

Noises everywhere. Neon Lights anywhere.
Laughter – all over, but just like the Circus,
Everything ended in my memory.

A Phoenix rising challenge.


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