The street looks a little brighter every night,
I wonder if it is really because of me…
After all, a lover in the mist of a drunken sky,
once said:


You exquisite figurine. You my dear…
You hold the radiance of the sun in your eyes.
You illuminate the darkest corners of this boulevard.
And I,
I just love the way you are,
the way your body rests upon mine,
of how every cold night, I can feel my ashy skin
warming up with your smile,
yet, you  delicate creature, you don’t complain.
You listen to my bellows
every time people step on my grounds.


It is true, I was curse the moment I was born.
My foundations where built for anyone
to walk on top of me.
I had never been free. Though,
I know how love is meant to feel
like when women wash the dirt off my skin.
They take care of me,
Yet I also know how broken is meant to feel.
I’ve been broken one too many times
But I have also been repair
by man’s hands. I can’t complain.


However, I know what its like to carry
everyone else’s weight on my shoulders.
I know what is like to be stepped upon
one too many times and not being able
to scream, and if I do, to not be heard.
I know how people feel when they cry.
I’ve known all the types of rains that exists:
tears from eyes, tears from the sky,
yet I cannot cry.


I know what is like to be alone.
I’ve been alone for most of my life
but I also know what is like to feel dead
from the inside


you my angel
You arrived,
and settled in the center of my heart,
it is that I realized
what to live is like.


Don’t you see? You are the lamp who gives
hope to my grounds,
who awakes every night
to make me feel alive.
You are a lamppost
in the street of my heart
believe me,
it’s you who brightens my life!”


Yet even after a lover in the mist of drunken sky
once said that,
I still have doubts that it is because of me
that the streets look 
a little brighter every night,
for it is none other than for him and for his loving heart,
that I emanate a golden aura every night,
for I want to see him  and enlighten his life,
at least during the nights where the sun is nowhere nigh.

And it is because of the dark times that I realized
that I am connected to his heart,
And that it is his heart that brightens my life.

It is him who sparks a current in my heart,
and makes me feel alive!

No doubt, it is because of him, that the streets look
a little brighter every night, not the other way around.


Written by: L.L.


Prompt: be a lamppost






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