Walking in the aisle, spell bound,
she frowned after tripping over her evening gown.
Yup, the Queen from the Town, her tush kissed the ground,
And her crown? That’s right,
it rolled out from her head onto the crowd.

Oh snap!

The media went ouch! And their camera, click clack!
the guards went “my god!,” and the King,
he hysterically laughed, asking for another round.

Though the Queen, with sharp ears, heard him loud,
so profound, his voice went deep, straight into her heart.
So she stood up, then his count started going down,

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5…

The king pee his pants! He saw her fall again
but this time, she break dance: her calves rebounded,
her legs almost compounded, she looked astounded,
And the crowd went mad!

So Riots upon riots segregated in lines around the throne,
the King called king kong, the guard next to his throne,
and he asked him for a beer and his oil-filled gun.

This turned into a war
not like one from the movie star wars
neither like star trek
where ships crashed and many lost their lives,
but more like a war
where a pig was a king
and whoever caught the pig would win

Just because the King had said:

“I am the King.
I’ll marry whoever gets past my slippery ground
and brings to me the Crown.
oinkh ha!”

And so the Queen from the Town, slipped and fell,
Hence, she lost the crown to another gal from the crowd,
who later, made a line to become the Queen of the Town,
Who slipped and fell, to also lose the Crown.



Written by: L.L.

Sept 24, 2014


Because sometimes I like randomness


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