Settle. I thought it was settled with the ocean. But the more I got deeper into its body of water, the less shallow it became to be and the more perplexed and amazed I became to be – that I just wanted to dive until I reached its bottomless chasm. However, I only wallowed in nostalgia when I realized I needed to swim back to the surface just so that I could take a breath of fresh air.

Turns out, I really needed to breathe. I needed to inhale peace. I needed to exhale all the carbon dioxide that I had produced within my being. I needed oxygen circulating throughout my body to oxygenate my brain;

I needed to think,

and I thought . . .


I thought about a rock and how my journey begun.

It begun with one single and tiny rock; a rock, I never considered myself to be or at least, I still don’t. Though, let me tell you, I always believed myself as a river; as a river who never stopped running, who always prayed for the rain to filled it with more water to hopefully, one day,  reach the ocean,

And I did. I reached it …

but before I did,  I traveled through forest, through mountains, through hills, and on multiple occasions, I fell like a waterfall only to regain my course again. Then I continued my journey through cliffs, through deserts, through many places, yet it was until I reached the mouth of a river before sinking into the ocean of my dreams


that I finally accepted it:

that I’ve always been a tiny rock swimming in the streams of a river,  swimming through weak and strong currents; swimming with the illusion of reaching the ocean, where someday, I could peacefully submerged in its waters forever. But for some reason, I always seemed to be that tiny rock who needed to swim back to the surface just so I could take a breathe of fresh air, and I didn’t know why.

Though it was until then, that I arrived to the conclusion, that what I truly am, was and is,  is a tiny pumice rock meant to always come afloat.


Yup, I arrived to the conclusion that what I am is a tiny pumice rock, who always manages to survive.


Nov 1, 2013



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