This insomnia is making me look creepy.
But darn knuckles, it likes torturing my sleep.
With every blink I give, I feel a punch right beneath my eye lids.
And even still, my eyes can’t seem to close.


Every night, it’s the same violence. It comes kicking in.
I am left sore, tired, sent straight to bed
unable to stand, just moving around
as if I’m in severe pain but nothing hurts
other than the dark circles around my eyes.


It’s a manipulative disorder. It scares my dreams away.


Tonight, it called her friend the caffeine,
They gathered at my place to torture me and my sleep.
You know, they make an awesome team,
that even stress has joined the gang
Now it’s three against one.


When will injustices come to an end?
See they even take our dreams away.



Written by: L. L.




This piece is linked to “The Companions in our Hearts.”



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