“I know, the tides from oceans are rising higher.
Soon, tsunamis will have us breathing under water”

said the shorelines.

And to that, the ocean floor replied:

“Not long ago, I was but a shallow land:
the shoreline ground where lovers walked;
holding hands, kissing under the moonlight.
But then came the tide, the water rose
past my land…

And I no longer was a shallow piece of land.


I was filled with depth.
Not the depth of the most profound
parts of the Ocean,
But with the depth to comprehend,
that now, my waters were enough
for a child to swim in them.

And now, with the passing of time,
my waters have risen more than enough
for people to dive in them.

Though I still feel like what I am,
a shoreline like you, both, are.

Nothing changed.”

Written by: L.L

For Saffie’s Challenge.


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