Okay, have you ever seen a blank page?
The type that doesn’t even have lines.
Just a blank page, have you?
I want my mind to be just like that.
Except that today… oddly enough,
I dreamt with you.It’s like in my dream, you were writing.
Just writing. Writing scribbles. Doodles.
With no sense at all.

And while at it, your hand was moving. It was

just moving… And for a moment, I held it with my own.
I tried to stop you. Except, that when I did that,
something happened, your hand continued moving
but this time with my own, and suddenly, the scribbles
became letters, the letters became words,
till eventually, the words became a drawing of your eyes
gazing deeply into mine.
Then I could read you. I read you.
Til my mind became a blank page
with nothing elsebut you.
Written by: L. L.
Sept 2014



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