From afar, your glorious gleam
is admired by the petite edifices
that day by day, strive to outgrow
their own restrictions.

You are the center,
the role model
the idol.

You are the attention getter,
the popular, the brightest.

You are a dream,
an illusion, a fantasy.

But little do they know
that within your structure
lies a framework of steel
to resist the negative vibes
from those who wish
your demise,

or that within your heart
lies a big conundrum of feelings
that elevate or halt
according to what other people want,

or that your life,
often times,
lacks a personal space:
like the one
many others buildings may have.

Little do they know
that just like them
every piece that makes up your existence
was cautiously calculated
to create your good foundation.

Or that even though,
you are surrounded by many,
you can still feel alone
because you are within a city
where there aren’t
many of your own,

Or that you feel tall
not exactly for your height
but because you are surrounded
by those who have lent you
their support,

And that those sparkling windows,
the ones they see
every morning and every night,
are your way of giving thanks to everyone
who has helped you out into becoming
the glorious monument
that you are today.

But little do they know
that they should also give thanks
and simply smile
because they, too,  can also
feel tall if they want.

Written by: L.L



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