She received a flower in an envelope
as a bouquet of letters with no sender.
So every time she read those letters,
hope – in her heart, started to develop.



 In minutes, she heard a voice – tender –
whispering in her ear “I love you Tulip.
Even when you wear no makeup
you are ravishing, delightful, slender.
I refused to accept our breakup.
There’s none other than you, my flower
that I would like to be a sun, a lover.
If you want: I’ll line up, I’ll grow up,
I’ll earn your love, I’ll be whatever
even an envelope.

Trust will be our sender. We’ll elope;
no, we will began a new endeavor
where I’ll fill myself with nothing
other than yourself;
your life will be my bouquet of letters
And every day, my heart will be a reminder-
of you; my flower, my lover.”



 Written by: L.L

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