May be I’m just a fly in your life.
that wonders how to fly out of your heart.
After all, I always was attracted to sweet guys.
But you, you are saccharine couple with whip cream,
like the one found in a mocha frappucinno.

(It is hard to drink it all at once.)
Too bad, I just have a day for a life.
Yet Sweetheart, I wish too stay by your side …

I wish to savor the flavor that each day brings for,
but no family, believe me, no family,
nor even yours…. will like a fly
eating in their picnic table.

I guess, it’s true.
My kind decomposes any type of food,
yet you are no food.

You are a flower, a sweet flower;
You are a rose, a white one, pure
surrounded by trees with strong roots,
by green grasses, and a sky, azure, blue;

You are a bloom, a flourish of love
that gives wings to my flights,
that makes me want to fly out of your heart
just so I could see your beauty from afar.

But I am afraid a bee may take my place,
that it may suction the nectar
that makes you – you, who you are:

The Saccharine of my life.


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