I miss him, probably not like everyone else does,
but I miss him,
more than ever,

I said:

“Hey cowboy – hold your horses.
I heard you like games.
I heard you like winning more than anything else.
Let’s play one then.
Let’s play a game:
Whoever speaks to other first, loses.

what’ cha say?”

It’s been two weeks. The phone does not ring.
The rodeo is empty. He is nowhere near.
I called his brothers. I called his mother.
I even called his drunken father.

I thought he’d lose for me.
I thought he’d speak to me.
But he is nowhere near.
He is nowhere near.

My cowboy took his horse. He got drunk.
He rode until he reached the heaven’s doors.
In the middle of a storm, he got drunk.

My cowboy,
when he approached me, I said:

“Hold your horses, let’s play a game.
Whoever speaks to the other first, loses.

What’cha say?”


But he thought I said,
I didn’t love him anymore.
He thought I said,
I didn’t want to speak to him anymore.

So he got drunk, he rode his horse
in the middle of a storm
until he reached the heaven’s doors.


Written by: L.L


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