You said,

“What a shame, they no longer make them
as lasting as the old ones.
Dear, don’t feel bad. It’s not your fault
that two clocks must tick the same hour.

You are clearly running out of batteries.”

Ah please old fella, enough of your sentimentalism
see how much I tick and tock
I ain’t following behind a classic clock.
I’m a digital wrists watch
who everyone wears and takes out for walk,
Yet you are the cuckoo in grandmother’s clock.
No wonder, everyone prefers to keep you at home.

[ Cuckooo! if you know what I mean ]

So old fella, tell me one more time,
Who is running out of batteries?

“Ahem, Cuckoo, Cuckoo, It’s time….

take a look at where you are sitting at,
Last time I check, a digital watch should be

in a wrist.
yet you are

[ Smack!! ] … time to take the garbage out.”


Written by: L.L


Prompt : Arrogance


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