The yard was green with grass and weeds, admixed.
I walked with heels and soon I sank in dirt.
The sky was dark, the clouds so grayly mixed.
I blame my mind for … ah, this dirty skirt.
I thought that weeds were flowers – friends, not foes.
I gave one step. I heard a squish, a squash.
the rain had soaked the ground and then my toes.
I gave a clumsy step, my feet then slid, ( smash!)
My tush in seconds felt a little cold,
but seeing the dandelions unharmed,
I thought, “thank God! this flowers are pure Gold.”
to then sighed, stand and later rubbed my arm.

Though if those weeds were foes, I calmly thought..
Would I still fear to stomp my foot on them? ( or not? )


Written by: L.L.

April 2014


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