Silly billy,

If you lay on bed – go ahead, do not fear the dead.
Instead pull your blanket above your forehead.
Close your eyes. Shed some tears. Hug your teddy bear.
Then pray to not go astray from getting any rest.
No ghost will wear you out, anyway.
Remember you are blessed. This is just a test.

I call it the night’s quest.

In here, your room becomes overly depressed.
The lights are turned off by me just like yesterday.
Or whenever I’m here to tuck you into bed, each and every day.
But do not fear the dead, instead battle your despair;
your inner frights in snores, dream them out of your head.
Kick them out of your bed. Go ahead,

This is the night’s quest.

Do not be afraid to chuckle a stare, nor to extend your legs.
believe me, there’s nothing underneath your bedstead.
If you want me, I could double check. Wait, what is this?
dirty underwear? stinky socks and muddy shirts? a couple of old toys,
and a piece of bread? My goodness gracious this room is a mess.
I thought you did you chores yesterday…


So this was my Night’s quest…

Written by: L.L.


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