I love you just as much as always,
and as much as before and forever.
I just love you without even knowing
what to love is like,
Or if I am awake or sleep
Or if I breathe or if I feel.
I just know this sensation-
A sensation encaged in my chest
that sings and sings
like love birds:
Wanting to swirl and twirl in mid air
like dolphins pirouetting
through waves
pointing the way
to the sky
where you and I
are found
swimming eternally in clouds.

But I love you
even when winds blow
our image apart.
Or when we have
clear skies
Or when storms
are near by.

I simply love you no matter what.
I always do. I always will.
Because I know for a fact
that I will always have
this sensation
trapped in my heart.


Written by: L.L.

October 21, 2013


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