It’s been days, I can’t live like this…
This feeling is more than I could ask for.
it’s the sun in the sky – unreachable,
yet I have it in my chest.It descended like a star,
like a meteorite: too fast.
To be examined in homes – by people
who wondered if its structure is real
or if it’s just another rock struck
on the surface of this Earth.

Now I feel hollow,
when all I have
is the beating of a blazing heart-
the surrogate of you.

The surrogate
that makes me alive
yet that makes my life
not worth while.I can’t continue like this.I need you here
to fill this chest of mine.
So grab a shovel, and shovel
love into my heart,
Just like you would snow –
every morning,
from the driveway of the house
that keep us apart.

Continue shoveling,
until you fill this hollow chest-
with the love that melts
throughout my veins
to make my life worth while.

fill it up,

And let’s shovel,

let’s shovel snow
throughout our lives –
you to me and I to you
to clear our way out
from these frosty driveways
that won’t let us run
into each others arms.

Written by: L. L.

Feb 20, 2014



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