Many times I have wondered,
If the sky is blue or brown,
or if your eyes are brown or blue?

But the reason is that
even when the sky seems blue
like the ocean
where seagulls live,
I can see it reflecting
within your brown eyes,
the tranquil waters
that tide along the edges
of the shore of this heart of mine.
And whenever,
I see the sky as brown
is because I’m day-dreaming
of your earthly eyes:
the ones that tied me up
to this ground
whenever, I look upon
the clouds of my mind.
So brownish eyes
that take me up to the sky
and that tied me down to this ground,
mesmerize me even more
with your blue or brown iris
for I love the oceanic love
and freshness of your sight.

If you wish
lure me in or splash me
with some salty water,
but don’t wake me up
if tomorrow I fall asleep
within a love dream.



 For I want to live in your earth,
the one that has oceans,
perhaps, some rivers,
and even a ground for me
to walk and habituate.
So please,
don’t attempt to hide it
from my sight
for I see within your eyes
my name
written all over it.
don’t wake me up
if I were to sleep within this love dream,
For your colors have hypnotized me
into believing
that there is nothing more beautiful
than the paradise that creates
the reflection of your eyes
within my sleepy being.

Written by: L. L.



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