I wanna be the search engine

where you could search everything you want

where you could find the answers to the questions that you have

where love, hate, lust, passion are well defined

where you could spend your time fooling around

yet connecting and learning

about what we want.


I want to be the search engine

that’s not a boredom to your life

that helps you become wise

with every conversations that we have.

that gives you many options

yet you choose the one you want.


I wanna be that engine

where you could search

from the webs of memories in my mind,

where you could add

more memories into my engine

to help you strive in life


I want to be the engine

that knows history, geography, archeology,

and anything that ends in -ology

to fascinate your every day routine

that knows about cars, about cooking,

about culture, and also about wars.

I want and I only want,

but for that I need people

to upload that information in my mind. 

I cannot do so by own, 

I’m an engine without motivations

other than the purpose I have in life.


Rather I am a woman

who will not be at your service

because I am not a search engine 

I am someone who will share and build


so long as is reciprocated.



Written by: L. L.



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