I saw stars in the azure skies of his hazel eyes
the moon in black and a silver glow like a smile
all combine in an iris
to illuminate a feeling sublime in my heart.

It was midnight in the summer time of my life
when I first saw him. He was oscillating his hands
to the beats of an ocean

when I strolled by wondering:

How much I wished to dive
in the soul and the space of his mind.
How much I wished to dive
and swim forever in the clouds of his life.

but then I remember,

I had no flight nor wings to land at his heart.
I had no swim nor gills to breathe a new feeling into his life.

So instead,

I just pondered while smudging foot prints on the sand,
if I’ll ever again be able to see those hazel eyes
if I’ll ever be like the sun in his eyes.

and then I remember,
that I was.



Written by: Lucero L.



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