I thought the rain awash inside my heart,
But came a gushing cloud and I did not cry.
Again I felt its drops overflow my heart,
But came the sun and dried my teary-eyes.

Bless God, said I, for giving me a sky:
a souvenir of light, immensely wise;
For I, myself shall see the future bright
from now and onwards with a pleasant smile.

If not – I fear that I may drown in tears,
And with my tears, a river might be born
to run amuck my eyes through out the years,
where peace of mind will be a thing forlorn

And thus, bless God, for giving me a sky.
A souvenir of light, immensely wise.
where storms are just a cloud, a passer by
that cloaks the sun until the rain subsides.

Written by: Lucero L.


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