Precisely today, when the night is at is best,
You came… like the moon on a rainy day,
unexpectedly. But what do you think I detest the most?
Yes, that the longer you go, the lesser you stay.
I guess – to you, I’m a vacation located in the west.
I’m sort of, how do you call it? a bay?
Always open, never close; I’m just like a treasure chest
that moves and sways without a lock, right?

Do you think you can steal me away?
Think again. You are not a pirate. Take a rest.
Our lives are a shippable play.
We should all feel, Oh so ever blessed!
Yet while you sail into the oceans, I stay.
I remain here, feeling betrayed, depressed.

And I don’t know if I should pray that some day,
I could finally find the strength to confess,
that it was you who took my heart away,
that it was you who won it at your best
because you are not a thief, you are a voyager.

You are a traveler…
who journeyed the world to get to me.


Written by: Lucero L.



6 thoughts on “I wait at Bay

      1. I thought it may have been attributed to your writing, as in your focus was to Zip large contents into something small. InfiniteZip… Something like writing haiku and using brevity to say a lot with a few words. Though sorry to hear about your dog, using his name is a nice tribute.

      2. That’s okay, he still inspires me daily…along with the two nitwits that took his place 🙂 keeps me hopping so lots packed in 🙂 but that’s a cool,way of looking at. I will have to remember that…like a zip file 🙂

      3. exactly like a Zip file. All the memories and imagination that one has, in this case, yourself have, it’s being zip into individual poems. InfiniteZip… I like it. Thanks for sharing.

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