Near the shoreline, where furious waves

met the sand, a red crab – with a strong claw

gripped to rocks, observed attentively 

your hand reach out to me.

Not long ago — I watched from beside you,

how oceanic waves moistened you with flirts

by splashing your toes with salt

to later titillate a chuckle out of you.

Immediately, I felt how the intense sun

heated me with jealousy and how

the seagulls swirled in circles above my head

as if mocking me with every tide

that kissed your skin.

I remember, the blue skies – getting clouded

like your eyes, irradiated fewer rays of ecstasy

every time your legs submerged deeper and deeper

into the ocean’s lascivious provocations,

And how the wrecked-boats – crashed amongst

the shoreline’s rock, creaked loud warnings

to those sailing far down into the high waves,

Yet no matter how loud the boats creaked,

your hips continued waddling through tides

as if trying to ebb into a fading sun,

leaving me stranded on the sand

It was then that a frustrated wind – with a gust of rain,

slapped your face.  Your expression, troubled and

in fear, looked back at the shore as if trying to find me,

but torrents of tears angered the ocean.

Waves rose past your hair like a tsunami trying to drown you

and keep you with its strength, that’s when your hand –

extended to the sky as pleading for mercy,

remembered me: the long walks along the shoreline,

where I protected you from the sun, from the rain

by just holding my hand.

At that moment, a red crab  – with a strong claw

gripped to giant rocks, observed attentively your hand reach out to me

as your fingers drowned slowly in the ocean of your own regrets,

to then with its other claw, grip tighter to the giant rocks.

Written by: Lucero L.


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