Ha! Boy, you see! it’s a reflection. It’s a contemplation. It’s more like meditation. Or perhaps, it’s a product of your imagination. Though I call it the night, the moon, and the stars all combined to create an incandescent light in the darkest corners of your mind.

This light triggers a sensor in your brain that runs through each nerve in your body until its voltages are too high that your neurons go insane. Hallucinations take over your senses. You start seeing and hearing voices. Everything in your room turns into a black hole that absorbs your attention, that vacuums your thoughts into a spacecraft that accelerates your heartbeats. Your lungs become fastened with a seatbelt that doesn’t let you breathe. Your mind is shuttled into a state-planet with precipitation ranging from 100% forecast of rain to target your eyes. You start crying. Your hands aim higher and higher for an inhaler that is in your back pocket, but your knees react to a strange force that makes you target your stomach for no reason till the chair you are sitting upon falls onto the carpet ( Clash! ) Suddenly, the gravity of the situation changes, you feel like you are floating in mid air while you lie on a carpet breathless, agonizing – and at the same time calling for help, but no body listens because everyone in the living room watches Tv with a surround system that overpowers those from the movie theaters.

You know this, so you try to relax. You try to unfasten the seat-bell that tightens your lungs, yet your hands continue to battle alien thoughts that arrive at your brain every second, that take over your sanity. But they can’t hit the right mind with reason – yours! Instead they punch almost skeletal bodies that try to get you out of the seatbelt your lungs fasten yourself with, and from the spacecraft your mind got yourself into as your conscience tries to shuttle your senses back into reality by saying:

“Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you…”


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